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Project Qanil

Our goal with Project Qanil is to identify barriers to why there is a worldwide shortage of native seed for post-disaster restoration and develop solutions through a holistic, regenerative farm collaboration that creates a positive "Healthy Planet-Healthy People" feedback model.

By combining regenerative farming and native plant materials we hope to develop a holistic farm model that allows for local farm-to-fork options that are affordable; a sustainable source of ecotypic* native plant materials for post-disaster ecological restoration in Boulder County and our ecoregion; and engaging local communities through healthy food with an on-site bilingual market, volunteer opportunities, and establishing native pollinator corridors in their communities.

Native Seeds

Project Qanil means "seed" in Ki’che’ Maya.

Equity Factors The conceptual foundation of Project Qanil is in response to the increasing pressures on our natural ecosystems due to climate change and loss of habitat. Marginalized communities are disproportionally bearing the brunt of these impacts. Fundamentally we are focused on engaging youth, underserved communities, and local communities by creating a platform for individuals to effect change. The traditional conservation models of the past 30+ years are inadequate to address the challenges ahead. We look towards youth, women, underserved, indigenous, people of color, and marginalized communities as key actors in our solution strategies.

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